What To Do If You Find Stray Kittens

If you encounter stray kittens, it’s natural to feel the instinct to bring them home so they will be safe and protected. However, despite the good intentions behind this act of kindness, taking stray kittens home without proper consideration can potentially cause more harm than good.

Take the responsibility for the furry baby’s life only if you can support it with basic necessities – something that is even more critical at a young age. You should consider being prepared with cheap pet insurance in the least so that unplanned vet costs are more manageable.

Pet health insurance can be affordable so contemplate purchasing a policy. In the meantime, read this article to learn what to do if you find stray kittens.

Leave the babies alone if the mother cat is around

Neonatal kittens are four weeks old or younger and entirely dependent on their mother cat for their care. If you come across a kitten that appears to be within this age bracket, it is advisable not to pick it up immediately.

Observe the kitten for a couple of hours to check if the mother cat comes by to claim it. If the mother cat does not return during this time, it may indicate that the kitten has been abandoned. In such cases, taking the kitten into your home can be a suitable course of action.

If you want to care for the baby cat, it’s essential to remember that it requires round-the-clock care until it reaches one to two months of age, when it can be fed wet food.

Taking it to a cat shelter may not be the best option

Avoid taking an abandoned neonatal kitten to an animal shelter. Shelters often lack the necessary resources and expertise to provide the specialized care required for these young kittens to survive. Unfortunately, if a kitten is unable to eat independently, it may likely be euthanized in a shelter.

In such a case, the best course of action is to take it to a vet for the best advice. They may say the most suitable course of action is to take it into your home, but only if you are equipped to care for it or can find someone you trust who has the knowledge and means to provide appropriate care.

Consider volunteering as a kitten foster parent

Foster parenting programs are available nationwide, allowing individuals to provide temporary care for needy kittens. While fostering kittens requires a significant investment of time, patience, effort, and training, the outcome is a well-behaved, socialized, and cheerful kitten, increasing its chances of finding a permanent loving home.

By increasing public education about the exploding cat population and the available solutions, more individuals can become actively involved in addressing the problem. Working together, you can positively impact and ensure a better future for cats in the community.

However, if you want to adopt the lone kitten, think about how good a life you can provide the baby cat with. Can you afford cheap pet insurance, at least? Think about it because with pet health insurance you may not have to take entire financial stress during untimely vet visits.

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