What Features Can You Get From A Good Quality Zorb Ball?

Zorb balls are large, squishy spheres with a knotted inner surface that help children and adults learn balance and coordination. They usually come in kits containing two balls of different diameters to allow players to experience a challenge as they grow.

Zorb ball has been around for over fifty years, but their recent popularity has led to competition kits and instructional videos teaching new tricks. Listed below are some important features of a good zorb ball.

Knotted inner surface:

The most important feature of any good quality zorb ball is its knotted inner surface. Roll this ball across the ground to expose the filled-in inner surface. The knotted inner surface creates a supportive and forgiving surface for beginners who need to learn how to balance without falling over.


    • Zorb balls are typically filled with water and can last for days, making them perfect for traveling or enjoying the backyard.
    • The zorb ball is filled with air, so it will take some practice to learn how to control it and bend it into the right positions.
    • As an added challenge, the ball’s weight can make it difficult for children to hold still.

Asymmetric Surface:

Many zorb balls have a knotted inner surface that is completely smooth on one side, while the other side has a series of holes or ridges. This asymmetry changes their dynamic behavior, allowing players to use dynamic techniques such as spinning or juggling while they develop balance and coordination.


    • Zorb balls are very buoyant, which means playing with one in water is like trying to keep afloat at the beach.
    • This is great for kids who want to learn how to swim.
    • Zorb balls could incidentally come in handy as an emergency flotation device during a flood or hurricane.


Zorb balls are a bit like large pill bugs or hermit crabs, which makes them fun to play with when you imagine what it would be like to live inside one. If they didn’t have air inside, they’d be great for storing nuts and bolts!

Forgiving Surface:

Zorb balls are filled with natural materials such as water and air, so they don’t hurt if you hit them against hard surfaces. This makes them easier for kids to play around with at home than a ball made of harder materials like plastic or wood, which could get damaged if something accidentally hits it against a wall.


    • Zorb balls are completely safe for children to play with because they can’t break and can float in water.
    • They’re also free from harmful chemicals, so it’s fine if kids lick or chew on them if they get bored playing with them.
    • Zorb balls are puffy, like a marshmallow, so they could replace pillows or bean bags as a supportive seat or cushion without the need to sit directly on the ground.
    • They could also be used as chairs around a table at beach houses and poolside barbecues!


The zorb ball’s knotted inner surface could help children learn math, reading, and hand-eye coordination by measuring and counting the holes. Zorb balls’ lightweight, inflatable nature makes them easy to pack and take with you when you travel. They’re perfect for beach vacations or camping trips because they float in water. You could also bring one along on long car trips because they can provide rest or relief from boredom if someone gets car sick!

What to consider while purchasing a zorb ball?

Before buying a zorb ball from kameymall for your child, here are some important things to consider:

What Diameter Should Your New Zorb Ball Be?

Different manufacturers will have different diameters for their balls. For example, the standard box of six balls comes with a 12-inch diameter ball and a 20-inch diameter ball. If your child is older than the recommended age range, they may prefer using the larger 20-inch ball. If they are younger than the recommended age range, they may prefer using the smaller 12-inch ball.

What Material Should Your New Zorb Ball Be?

Zorb balls are typically made in two types of materials: inflated rubber balls and plastic balls with a layer of soft foam inside. The softer the surface material, the more comfortable it may be to play with. Rubber zorb balls are quieter than the plastic variety and are generally easier to bounce because they have a softer inner surface.

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