Surprising Places in the US to Bump into Shining Stars

We’ve been fascinated with stars, celebrities, and out-of-the-ordinary people since the dawn of humankind. Could we consider them unique individuals possessing otherworldly special skills and talent? By today’s standards, posing with celebs in pictures, signing autographs, and electrifying meet-and-greet sessions are fandom’s integral part.

We imagine our beloved star as someone living in a fancy castle or a super-secure gated property, where no access is granted to us mortals. However, often reality couldn’t be further from this assumption.

When stars walk among humans

Once in a blue moon, our idols, role models, and extraordinarily gifted stars visit us in our regular, grey, and monotone lives. You’d be surprised to learn how many “random” places are in the United States where you can meet your shining star. And we’re not talking about the most prestigious art venues or trendiest hangout places but most common places to meet celebrities!

Suppose you wish to see and meet a celebrity in a specific neighborhood. A little-known tip is to reach out to expert local real estate agents who are up-to-date with all the relevant information and news that can sell a property.

Sometimes, to our biggest surprise, stars climb from their ivory tower and go on a shopping spree (for example, Ryan Gosling was caught while shopping alone in a Lon Angeles mall.) Or they take the New York subway as the one-and-only Keanu Reeves does. Let’s explore some unexpected celebrity hotspots and shining star homes that will take you by surprise!

Take a photo with Jimmy Fallon at 30 Rock Plaza, New York City!

All right, this one isn’t really all that surprising since the building next to Rockefeller Center is the headquarters of NBC and is regularly busy. The news that Jimmy Fallon (our favorite Saturday Night Live comedian and the Tonight Show host) is a frequent guest at this spot spread like wildfire.

Devoted fans made camp at Rock Plaza, hoping to catch a glimpse of their superstar and take a photo. Then, professional (?) and amateur paparazzi showed up, claiming the place for themselves and hoping to get the big buck for a spontaneous moment caught on the lens.

Taste a frozen hot chocolate with Beyonce at Serendipity 3 in New York City!

Undeniably, there are great hotspots in the Big Apple to bump into a famous person. One of the lesser-known places is Serendipity III, a classic restaurant-cafe-general store founded in 1954. Did you know that in the golden age of cinema, megastars like Cary Grant, Andy Warhol, Marilyn Monroe, and Grace Kelly were regular customers here?

The legendary fame of the place, though slightly faded over time, has always remained. Moreover, lately, it seems it’s rising again as Kim Kardashian, Ryan Reynolds, and Beyoncé are surprising guests enjoying a delicious meal, chagaccino, or a frozen hot chocolate. Why don’t you explore it yourself at 225 East 60th Street?

Join Taylor Swift and her entourage in Watch Hill, Rhode Island!

Traditionally, Rhode Island attracts people fascinated with seafood, beaches, and supernatural stories. In other words, it isn’t renowned for its wild parties and vibrant nightlife. Still, Taylor Swift enjoys living in “The Ocean State.” Moreover, she found something remarkable in the history of her Watch Hill waterfront luxury real estate. She wrote a song about it in her piece entitled “The Last Great American Dynasty” in 2020.

The property with a mysterious history has about 11,000 square feet and five acres. Legend says that Ms. Swift bought “the most expensive private home in Rhode Island” for $18 million in 2013. (Source: House Digest).

Suppose you wish to ask Ms. Swift about her estate in Watch Hill. Then, we recommend you visit the local Olympia Tea Room, her favorite hangout joint. You might be in for an even more pleasant surprise as her “posse,” formed by Tom Hiddleston, Selena Gomez, Ed Sheeran, Lena Dunham, and others, often accompany her. You don’t want to miss Goddard Memorial State Park and The Cooked Goose, other popular destinations for celebrity sightings!

Soaking up the sun with John Travolta in Ocala, Florida

Mr. Grease or Vincent Vega from Pulp Fiction prefers hanging out in the sunny mid-sized town of Ocala, FL (population 66,000 in 2023) to Hollywood’s Walk of Fame or Mulholland Drive. John Travolta bought the 7,000-square feet house in Jumbolair Aviation Estates long ago.

And since the skilled actor is a licensed pilot, the estate evidently has a landing strip. Besides, his more oversized garage hosts a Boeing 707-138! Occasionally, he still flies passengers in or out of town. Doesn’t an adrenaline-filled flight with Mr. Travolta sound like fun?

Ski with Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel in Big Sky, Montana

Happily married, Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel found shelter in the unconventional ski resort called the Yellowstone Club in Big Sky, Montana. After selling their LA home, they purchased a 13,500-acre property that was part of this fantastic winter holiday resort in 2015.

Due to their relocation to Big Sky, MT, the family can enjoy access to top amenities, such as private ski slopes and golf courses, as soon as they leave the house. However, the gorgeous surroundings and top-notch facilities come at a price. First, they paid a hefty $300,000 membership fee for Yellowstone, then they had to add a bonus of $30,000 yearly dues to benefit from ski resort perks.

Yellowstone Club in Big Sky, Mont, is a private residential community. You must pay the same substantial fees to see your favorite power couple skiing or raising their family.

Rent Kevin Costner’s ranch in Aspen, Colorado!

The perfect gentleman and talented actor, Kevin Costner, is trending again with the hit series Yellowstone. Far from Hollywood, CA, the actor who played Robin Hood and Wyatt Earp lives on his 160-acre Dunbar Ranch (named after his character from Dances With Wolves)  in the picturesque town of Aspen, Colorado (population 7,100 in 2023.)

And hold on to your hat! You can rent the ranch only a few minutes from downtown Aspen, albeit for a hefty sum (around $350,000 for a week extended stay or $360,, a night)! You should know the estate has a private lake and baseball field. Besides, the ranch is neighbored by North Star Nature Preserve and the breathtaking Aspen Mountains. On the other hand, you’ll have absolute chances of bumping into Kevin Costner, even if you won’t rent his ranch, just by visiting Aspen, a genuinely charming US town.


Despite popular gossip and misconceptions, many household names assume a down-to-earth mentality and fan-friendly conduct. Our belief that all stars live and thrive in Los Angeles and New York City is poorly misconceived. So is the assumption that the majority wish to isolate themselves from the rest of our society.

Shining stars can be spotted in “unusual places,” which is a misnomer. We take for granted that celebrities travel by private jets, live in isolated and fenced-off villas, and visit select clubs. We don’t consider the subway, the local store, or the drive-in cinema strange, only if we spot a celeb there. But celebrities presented in this article are also people. They just accomplished their life’s dreams. Many never forgot their roots before stardom and won’t throw a tantrum if you approach them for a friendly word or an autograph.

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