Removing The Stigma of Reporting A Sexual Assault From Your Childhood

Sexual assault victims deal with various emotions at any age. When you are a victim as a child and decide to tell your story as an adult, these emotions may come back in full force. On top of reliving these emotions, you will have to deal with the stigma surrounding sexual assault. 

Even though it is a difficult journey, those reporting sexual assault should never let the stigma surrounding sexual assault silence them. 

The Stigma Surrounding Sexual Assault

Unfortunately, there is a stigma when it comes to reporting sexual assault at a later stage in life. This stigma will, of course, cause victims to feel embarrassed and discouraged when it is time to speak up. When a victim feels like they are being judged, they may not want to report the incident. But speaking with a south New Jersey sexual assault lawyer to report the sexual assault is important. 

The stigma surrounding sexual assault shouldn’t prevent a victim from getting justice or prevent them from stepping forward to speak about what happened to help them heal. With all of the emotions that come with sexual assault, dealing with more brought on by the stigma surrounding it should be the last thing a victim worries about. 

Finding Support

It isn’t easy to ignore the stigma surrounding sexual assault and to deal with the emotions that comes with being a victim or sexual assault. But finding a support system to have on your side will help you through the journey.

From finding an experienced sexual assault lawyer to help with the legal side of things to a caring support group to be there to help with the emotional parts, there are many resources available to sexual assault victims to assist them through the difficult times of reporting the incident and dealing with the stigma. 

Sexual assault victims don’t need to experience this burden alone and can focus on moving forward by surrounding themselves with a supportive team to help conquer all of the emotions they may experience. 

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