Plus Size Fashion for Indian Women

The plus size fashion trend has reached India. This shift has been triggered by body acceptance campaigns, plus size models and bloggers. This movement has transformed the way women dress and the apparel industry has responded with body positive clothes that cater to a wider audience. Gayatri Singh, 42, conceptualised the plus size fashion brand Vixxen. She says her company offers women of all sizes a stylish, comfortable, and affordable wardrobe. She explains why plus size fashion is so important for Indian women.

When worn correctly, an Indian drape can make a woman look slimmer and sexier. Choose soft fabrics, such as cotton, instead of stiff organza, and opt for smaller prints with less border. tunai4d Also, keep in mind that the style of draping can also add to the appearance of a plus size woman. Too many pleats add bulk to the midriff, while letting the pallu drape naturally will create a relaxed vibe. A plus size Indian drape can come in many styles, including Empire Cut and A-Line silhouettes.

For plus size women, v-neck blouse designs are the latest rage. They flatter the figure and hide the belly. Alternatively, you can choose any trendy designer blouse. Another great plus size style is the full slee. Choose a blouse that has a tight-fit slee and an interesting design, such as a flower pattern. Make sure the embellishment is minimal so the entire dress can be emphasized.

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