Linn Aakre of Storhamar Ishockey

Linn Aakre currently plays for Storhamar Ishockey, an ice hockey club situated in Hamar, Norway. The team is a member of the Eliteserien, otherwise known as the Elite Prospects.

When Aakre is not busy scoring for the Storhamar Ishockey team and doing goal assists, she’s playing for the Women’s National Ice Hockey Team.

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Linn Aakre’s Player Stats

Linn Aakre’s stats are listed below for reference:

Age: 26

Birthdate: 08/10/1996

Birthplace: Arnes, Norway

Zodiac Sign: Leo

Position: Forward

Shoots from: Left

Weight: 59 kg

Height: 165 cm

Linn Aakre’s Career Highlights

Linn Aakre has made a name for herself in women’s ice hockey even at a young age. She made her start on the Nes IK youth team in the Norway6 division. They are a member of other youth teams within the Norway6 roster including Gamle Oslo, Aker Bulldogs, Forward SPK, Rosenhoff IL, Skedsmo IK 2, and Sandefjord Penguins.

Before playing for the Storhamar Ishockey in 2019, Linn Aakre participated in other Norwegian ice hockey teams. Previously, from 2013 to 2019, Aakre played for the Jordal Ishockeyklubb, VIF Damer based in Jordal of Norway’s capital, Oslo.

During her time playing for the Storhamar Ishockey, she also played for Grüner Allianseidrettslag between 2019 to 2022. The ice hockey club is also based in the Norway capital of Oslo but in the Grunerlokka region.

Linn Aakre’s Gaming Stats

The following are some of Linn Aakre’s best gaming stats throughout her career. For your reference, here is a symbols legend to show what each of the ice hockey gaming stats means when comparing and contrasting data from different seasons:

GP: Games played during a set time frame

STK: Wins or losses streak

GD: Goal difference

W: Wins

L: Losses

PIM: Penalty minutes

AC: Alternate captains

G: Goals

TP: A player’s time in which he or she has played a game.

In the 2021 to 2022 season playoffs, Aakre played on the Gruner A team where she participated in five games. While there were only six PIM and four ACs, they were able to score four Gs. For the entirety of the season, she participated in 24 GPs and helped with a total of 14 Gs.

In the same season, Aakre also played for the Gruner 2 team in the same Norway division. She participated in one game for about an hour where there was one AC present. Most of the 2021-2022 season was spent on the Grunner A team.

For the current 2022 to 2023 season, Aakre is still on the Storhamar team. So far, there have been nine GPs, 7 Gs, 10 PMs, and 6 ACs present during games, and a TP of 13 hours total.

What Are Linn Aakre’s Future Goals?

Not much is known about Linn Aakre’s future goals as a women’s ice hockey player, but we can see from her playing since the 2011 to 2012 season at the young age of 15 that she will continue to be strong in her career.

While Norway has not won any medals in the Olympics, they pride themselves on teaching the youth in their community how to play ice hockey if they are interested. This is how Linn Aakre got her start in the field in her teen years before her adulthood even started.

To stay updated on Linn Aakre and other updates on players in Norwegian women’s ice hockey, check the International Ice Hockey Federation for more information.

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