How to Style an Inverted Triangle Body Shape

For inverted triangle body shapes, adding volume to the lower half is essential to balance the proportions and hide your weaknesses. Avoid wide or low necklines. Instead, opt for narrow scoop necklines or gentle V-necklines. Wide-leg pants balance the hips. Decorative belts are also helpful for inverted triangle body shapes. They can also help create an illusion of a waist. Here are some tips on how to style an inverted triangle body shape.

Aside from balancing your upper and lower half, you should also consider the color placement in your wardrobe. Wear darker colors for the top half of your body, while bright colors and prints bring attention to the bottom half of your body. Adding pops of color to your outfit will also bring focus to your lower half, which will give the appearance of a more balanced shape. In addition, simple outfits can work well for this body type.

The inverted triangle body shape is one of the most athletic looking silhouettes. The upper body is broader than the lower half, while the shoulders and back are narrower. A wide waist can give the inverted triangle body shape a feminine look, but you should avoid overdoing it. It is important to balance your upper and lower body proportions to achieve a flattering silhouette. Using the right clothing color and style combinations can help you look great in all clothes.

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