Famous Fashion Designers Who Can Not Draw

There are many famous fashion designers who cannot draw, but you may not know this fact. For instance, Prada and Schiaperelli had a falling out over the issue of a better pattern for their collection. While their styles differed greatly, both were still extremely successful. Their rivalry was sparked when Schiaperelli accused Prada of not being a “real intellectual,” while Prada was critical of his fellow designer’s anti-pretty stance nobkin

If you do not draw or sew, you shouldn’t let this stop you from pursuing your dream of becoming a fashion designer. If you have a passion for fashion and the drive to make it work, you can succeed as a fashion designer. Drawing skills are not a necessity; a successful fashion designer may not be the best artist. Instead, focus on learning new skills and surrounding yourself with talented people. Consider getting a Business and Design Package to get started in this field Batooto

If you cannot draw, don’t fret. There are many fashion illustration programs to help you create a stunning fashion illustration. Many of them are easy to duplicate and edit. Even if you don’t have any experience in drawing, you can still create stunning fashion designs with the help of these programs. The most common software used by fashion illustrators are Adobe Illustrator and Corel Draw. You can also use Sketchbook or Clo 3D.

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