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Choosing the Right Residential Kitchen Exhaust Duct Material

If you have a residential kitchen and you want to add a fume extractor, you need to decide on the material of the ducts. A metal duct has to have a smooth interior Rarbgweb, and it should be sized appropriately. Choose a wall or roof location to route the duct and make sure that the hooded termination vent has a damper or screening to prevent pests from entering. The duct connection should be sealed with mastic or a flashing compound and the duct should be third-party-tested Muctau.

Choosing the right duct material can be confusing, as many manufacturers claim that a product is appropriate for certain applications. It is also important to follow all applicable codes when installing ductwork Newshunttimes. This will ensure the safety of your installation, and will support your day-to-day activities. It is crucial to ensure that the duct is made of a material that won’t be damaged easily or corrode over time.

Ducts can be made of either aluminum or stainless steel. You may choose to install rigid ducts to increase airflow and avoid the problems associated with airborne waste uplikes.org. However, they are expensive and require constant cleaning. Moreover, flexible ducts do not meet the ductwork standards required by residential codes.


In order to reduce the total length of the ductwork, you can use elbows. Two elbows will reduce the duct run length by about 5 feet. This means that a 30′ straight run will be equivalent to 20′ if you use two elbows roobytalk.com.

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