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5 Tips For Downsizing Your Apartment

Retirement is a great time for older adults to consider downsizing their space. Extra living space often goes unused and can be a pain to take care of and maintain. Whether moving to a one-bed studio apartment like the Catalina Apartments Studio City CA, relocating to a smaller private residence, or a senior living community, downsizing is a great way to set yourself up for a more convenient way of life.

However, downsizing can sometimes be challenging if you have many belongings that need to be stored. You may not know which items to save and which to let go of. This article will discuss five tips for downsizing your apartment.

1. Consider a Storage Unit

Getting a storage unit is a great solution if you are not ready to part with items when you downsize. Storage units are typically affordable and might fit into your monthly budget easily.

Many storage facilities are open 24/7, so you can access your items whenever possible.

If possible, try to get a storage unit that is in a temperature-controlled environment so that you don’t have to worry about extra wear and tear on your items. It’s also a good idea to visit your unit at least twice a year to check that everything is how you left it.

2. Donate

Downsizing is a great time to eliminate items you no longer need. If it’s been a while since you’ve done a thorough cleanout, you might have belongings you can donate. Donating items is a great option because it makes moving easier and gives new life to your items.

Instead of ending up in a landfill, your items can find a new life with a family in need. Check with your local donation facilities to see what they will accept. Some facilities even offer pick-up services to make the process as easy as possible.

3. Sell Your Items

Selling your items can be a great solution if you want to make a little extra money to help pay for moving expenses. Garage sales are an easy way to sell lots of items in a single day without having to do a lot of work to move them.

You never know which items you have lying around the house may be worth a good deal of money. You may be sitting on antiques or other very valuable items. If you believe you have high-worth items, you may even be able to find an appraiser to give you an honest estimate on their value.

Selling your items online is another avenue to ensure your belongings don’t end up in a landfill but rather in the hands of someone willing to give them a new home.

4. Invest in Smart Storage Solutions

Downsizing doesn’t necessarily mean you have to get rid of a bunch of your belongings. There are innovative storage solutions that can help you make the most out of your space, especially if you are moving to senior living.

Smart storage design can help you use dead space like space under stairs, beds, and other furniture. It can also make the most of existing storage spaces like closets and pantries. With a little creativity, you can keep the belongings you love without having to put up with a cluttered or disorganized space.

5. Utilize Family Space

When you decide to downsize or move to senior living, try to use family resources. Your family can help you with all aspects of the move, including how to downsize. Your family can help you sort through your belongings.

More hands to help during the process can significantly help with the workload and speed things up. If a family member has space in their home that they are not utilizing, you may consider storing family items there.

Downsizing Is Worth It in the End

Downsizing isn’t always a walk in the park. It involves moving logistics and often getting rid of some items. However, most seniors find that the effort is well worth it in the end.

Moving to a smaller space ultimately saves time, money, and energy, leaving more room to do the things you love during retirement. With a little creativity, patience, and work, you’ll be settled into your new, comfortable space in no time.

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